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I have taken a few photos of our lunar friend over the years and, as you probably guessed they are often very similar. Tonight I decided to capture the moon as it passed behind some trees we have in our garden.

"No 8"

Putting too much faith in the Black Country I decided to go out and photograph its heritage and other English heritage that I could find.

My first stop was a local canal as I had walked past these locks many times as a young child. It turns out this is the best picture you are going to get, unless you are into dead bodies and litter.

So there you go - more planning required next time.

"We are having such a good day, we are having a ball"

So this weekend the wife and I decided to go take some pictures of our beautiful daughter. It seems like she is growing up so fast now days.

Anyway, we went to the Dudley registry office as we know they had some interesting photo opportunities around. It turned out half of the grounds were fenced of (probably some badger related attack we think).

An added bonus was the addition of a sports day on the near by field/park.

Very successful day.

"Typical woman driver"

Brooke, darling, in 18 years you will probably pass your test with those driving skills, you are female after all. 

So these are what I have spotted so far:

  • Took it off road/path
  • Looking at a fridge magnet and not the road
  • Holding a pram out of the window
  • Pretty sure she did not signal round the corner

How many failures do you think the examiner would miss?

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